There were once three brothers. Their real names don't matter because they were always called Toughy, Smarty and Mouse.

Welcome to the Grasshopper Island fan site. Created with fondness by two fans for all fans of the 1971 book and TV series!

Grasshopper Island 50th Anniversary!

2020 is the 50th anniversary of production and 2021 will be the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast! We hope this website helps to mark the occasion and to bring back happy memories for elderly boys and girls. And maybe to introduce this wonderful story to a new generation of children who enjoy adventures outside.

Grasshopper Island Anniversary

I think at one point in childhood, all of us have dreamed of leaving all the annoying adults behind and trotting off to fend for ourselves. Maybe some even tried it! Well, that's exactly what these 3 brothers decided to do. And where better to go than a sunny uninhabited island. But is it uninhabited? They will soon find out.

Grasshopper Island Jahrestag