The bulk of the story centres around 5 main characters on the Island.

Of course, there are some supporting characters at the beginning, and a villain who comes to the Island at the end of the tale. So let's take a look at these characters.

The Voices of Authority

All characters who represent authority were played by the same actor! The late great Tim Brooke-Taylor

The Elderly Boy

"He wasn't exactly young and he wasn't exactly old. He was more a sort of Elderly Boy".

Cornelius Button & Lupus

"Grasshopper expert Cornelius Button and his fiesty housekeeper Lupus had lived on Grasshopper Island for twenty years"

Cornelius Button - the eccentric grasshopper collector

Played by Julian Orchard

Lupus has been Cornelius Button's housekeeper for twenty years

Played by Patricia Hayes

Dr. Hopper

"He was even taller than Cornelius Button and his legs were even spindlier"

Frank Muir (Dr. Hopper) had a holiday home on the Island of Corsica, and suggested filming the TV series in nearby locations.

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